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Seven of the eight first-round Funny Car winners (and three of the losers) ran in the three-second zone and none was happier than @TommyJohnson_Jr.

E1 recap here:


Not quite the ending to the day I was looking for. Car was on a great run & appears to have had a failure in the valve train. Hate it for my guys. They have worked hard lately & don't deserve this. We'll keep digging & a trophy tomorrow would make it a little better.

Your current No. 1 Funny Car qualifier, @TommyJohnson_Jr, shares his thoughts ahead of Q4... 💭

@NHRA | #Gatornats | @MakeAWish

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Tommy and the Make-A-Wish America team are honored to be a part of Christopher's Wish to be a Pro Stock Motorcycle Racer! Thank you to our friends at Team Liberty Racing for helping out.

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